Jewellery Trends

Why Women Are Buying Their Own Jewellery.

By Kerry Dracakis:

Jewellery, and especially the all-important engagement ring, is no longer simply a symbol of commitment or partnership. As the convention of marriage does not tend to occur as early in life as in past generations and often does not permeate into all walks of life, other motivations for jewellery purchases – including ring purchases – are becoming more common.

Women are increasingly likely to buy jewellery for themselves either as a celebratory gift of self-appreciation or as an expression of their own financial independence. At a medium to lower price-point, jewellery purchases by women are increasingly made in the same manner that spontaneous shoe- and dress-purchases are made.

Although young women may be able to afford to wear luxury clothing and own expensive phones and laptops, these items still lack the distinction of an individually designed bespoke piece of jewellery. So, at a higher price-point, women are also seeking to express their own sense of style, through the creation of their own unique piece of custom-made jewellery.

This desire to directly personalise the meaning of a jewellery purchase, together with the growing financial independence of women, has gradually led to a bigger focus on females as primary customers in the jewellery industry.

In addition to its fashionable appeal and decorative beauty, jewellery – and especially the engagement ring – is a strongly sort after possession for its valuable traits of longevity and durability. The point of interest is that, as mentioned in previous blogs, the engagement ring is now more commonly designed to include coloured diamonds and warm-coloured metals – which makes its purchase almost interchangeable with that of a dress ring, save for the intention with which that ring is bought and given to – or kept by – its owner.

Ownership of jewellery is a choice – you can say yes or no to it. Once stripped of its implied possessive connotations, women are free to make that choice for themselves. And they are doing so more and more. Just as women assert their independence in other areas – both in public and private forums, in business and domestically – the selection and ownership of one’s own jewellery is echoing that same aspiration of gender-equal buying power and control.

Point being, you don’t have to wait for your man to buy that ring. If you want it, you should be able to put a ring on it, or any other piece of jewellery which you desire. At Dracakis, we try to work with the budget presented to us by our customers. Within reason, we attempt to cater to our clientele’s needs and desires. We can help by offering experienced design advice, various options in terms of stone size as well as cut and colour options, and also discuss different types of metals available – and so, collaboratively create a truly unique design which also is a financially attractive option.

Above all, we respect the relationship we have with our clients and seek to strengthen it by striving to create jewellery from which they can ultimately gain the most possible enjoyment.