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Incorporating Colour into your Engagement Ring

Written By: Kerry Dracakis

As custom-design jewellers, who strive to create unique pieces to suit each personality, Dracakis always encourage the participation of our clients in the creation of their own engagement ring designs. This helps to produce the perfect balance between individualism, functionality, and style. Indeed, most women these days prefer to be actively involved in the selection of every aspect of their Engagement Ring. After all this is the most important symbol of love and lifelong commitment. In creating these pieces, we are all exposed to the trends and influences which are generally present in the wider fashion and beauty industry. Based on our latest observations we will  identify here the most recent trends which are emerging in engagement ring designs.


Although platinum and white-gold have been extremely popular in recent decades, we are now seeing colour emerge. This is apparent in the increasing choice for warm-coloured rose-gold and yellow-gold bands, reflecting richer, earthier hues currently prevalent in the fashion and beauty arena.

The recent favour of autumn-like tones is also reflected in a preference for all varieties of coloured gemstones. From Citrine to Amethyst, women are opting for a more unique, colourful design. Though the beauty of a exquisitely designed Engagement Ring with a traditional colourless diamond can’t be ignored, We have to say, this does add some unique flare to any ring.

At Dracakis Jewellers we hand craft all our jewellery on site in our workrooms. With two luxury boutiques of unique jewellery, we have a large selection of Engagement Rings. We also offer a bespoke design service for those looking to really create a unique one of a kind Engagement Ring.
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