Engagement Rings

Choosing a fancy shape Engagement Ring

Written By: Kerry Dracakis

A prominent move towards individualism has seeped into jewellery designs, evidenced by the rise of alternative stone cuts – such as pear-shaped, emerald, oval and cushion – as the preferred choice for centre stones in engagement rings. The increasing selection of such shapes reveals current and recent trends to be a true manifestation of their wearers’ unique self expression.

This trend toward alternative cuts and the aforementioned coloured gemstones go hand-in-hand due to the fact that coloured gemstones are in fact often chosen in the form of these alternative cuts as a direct consequence of the way a particular shape may compliment and project the best features of that stone. For example, coloured stones like sapphires and rubies will often require an oval or emerald cut in order to maximise their light return and depth of colour. There is yet a further trend to opt to surround these coloured centre gemstones with a halo of white diamonds, often accompanied by a row of shoulder diamonds around the band, which attributes a sparkle demanding undeniable attention.

We are seeing these alternative cuts – such as cushion, oval and pear – prevalent not only in coloured gemstones but also in white and yellow diamonds where they are set as the hero centre stone and are amplified in beauty by one – or several – layers of halo diamonds. These trends show a bold move away from the traditional round-brilliant-cut solitaire engagement ring, and toward a style of dramatic vintage-inspired beauty which cannot be overlooked.